Tennis School

‘’It starts with an activity, then it becomes a passion’’

Start them young

Age : 3-4 years old

Duration : 30 minutes

Level : Beginner

Number of children per group : 6-8

This group is designed for young children who wish to discover tennis through play. It represents the awakening to the world of sports through tennis.

The court is adapted to the size of the child and the educational material is installed on the court. A pedagogy based on the pleasure of the game and success to develop the child’s self-confidence.

Objectives : Fun I Energy I Discovery of sensations

Discover the Champion in You

Age : 5-6 years old

Duration : 60 minutes

Level : Beginner

Number of children per group : 6

The “Mini Tennis” concept is based on a playful approach to tennis to help the child increase his/her level of play.

The equipment and the court are adapted so the child feels comfortable during the session. Always set the kids on the road to success. This is also the time for coaches to detect and select the best players for the Master groups.

Objectives: Initiation to master specific tennis skills

Challenge yourself to be stronger

Age : from 7 years old

Duration : 60 minutes

Level : Beginner – Intermediate

Number of children per group : 5-6

The “Challenger” groups are for children who want to play tennis for fun and pleasure with friends.

The coach hosts the sessions and the ”Tennis Rendez-Vous” at the club become fun and exciting moments.

Objectives : Discover the Tennis fundamentals and enjoy the practice.

Master your every move !

Age : from 7 years old

Duration : 60 minutes

Level : Intermediate – Advanced

Number of children per group : 3-4

The “Master” groups are aimed at players from 8 years old who wish to start intense tennis training and reach a competition level.

The coach follows a specific training program with technical-tactical fundamentals.

Objectives : Progression of the player and participate in national tournaments.

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