60% effectiveness of the racquet lies in the string!

Having the right string for your game is crucial. The string is the part of the racquet that comes into direct contact with the ball. It influences touch, precision, power, and spin on the ball.


The string tends to break down over time and should be changed every 6 months to maintain its elasticity.

Types of String

There are two types of string:

  • Natural gut
  • Synthetic

Natural gut string is considered as one of the best strings. Their great elasticity helps in terms of power, touch and playing comfort.

Note: Natural gut string is very vulnerable to humidity and therefore not suitable for tropical countries like Mauritius.

Ennoia Sports & Fitness Club specializes in synthetic string.


Advantages of synthetic string (nylon):

  • Offers a wide range of choices, making it easy for players to find strings that suit their game and their racquet.
  • It offers more durability than the natural gut and is more economical.
  • Dynamic for those who want explosive strikes (monofilament string) / Gentle on the arm, thus comfortable for those who fear injuries (multifilament string).
  • Fun as it is available in different colours (adapted to your moods and preferences)

Difference between monofilament and multifilament string

Multifilament string is made up of many fibres that add flexibility to the racquet while monofilament string consists of a uniform fibre that aims to maximize power and control on the ball.


Choose the right string!

It is important to choose your string, the string gauge, and the racket tension according to:

  • the playing habits
  • the level
  • the playing sensations
  • the racket



A high racket tension decreases flexibility and therefore power, thus lowers the control!

On the other hand, a low racket tension increases the flexibility and therefore the power, thus increases the control!




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